About Us

The National Guard State Family Readiness Council (NGSFRC) was established in 2004 as a 501c(3) nonprofit organization.
The Council makes major contributions to a number of worthwhile projects and programs that provide significant assistance to our deployed military personnel and their families. Some examples include:

  • The NJNG Family Day which hosted more than 10,000 troops and family members at the National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt
  • Pre-deployment, Salute the Troops ceremonies
  • Pancake Breakfast/Spaghetti Diner, Concert, and Golf Outing fundraisers for the benefit of military families and Family Programs
  • Military Review Family Appreciation Activities

Council members include Veterans and representatives from service organizations, the NJ League of Municipalities (which represents every municipality in the state), New Jersey’s business community, private citizens, and military family members.

The Council meets once a month and acts as a non-governmental advocate to New Jersey National Guard (NJNG) families.

The Council’s main goal is to assist and support our NJNG families through challenging times, such as a typical deployment of eighteen months or longer, by trying to alleviate any undue stress through a grant program funded by private and public contributions. Since its inception, the Council has awarded over $1.6 million for programs to assist our “Hometown Heros” and their families. We are pleased to report that 98.3% of donated funds directly benefit National Guard members and their families. The remaining 1.7% is used for administrative expenses associated with the Council’s daily operations.

  • In many cases, the service members’ military pay is far below their civilian income and their employers are not required to maintain health insurance and other benefits while their employee is deployed.