"Portrait of a Marriage" Inspired by Paul's Himalayan Sunrise with Gin, Vermouth, Luxardo Cherry Liqueur In celebrating Paul and Julia Child, we are naturally led towards admiring their 48 year marriage, memorialized in Paul's photography. We'll have this great cocktail on the menu on Valentine's Day and during the Santa Barbara Culinary Experience Event.

Julia and Paul Child often entertained friends with cocktails, many of them crafted by Paul Child, who was known for his custom libations. Take a stroll through Santa Barbara’s most treasured cocktail bars (including the bar at the HP) and sample cocktail specials carefully crafted in his honor.  The Santa Barbara Culinary Experience event celebrates Paul and Julia Child's local legacy March 13 - 16, 2020  

Also during the Santa Barbara Culinary Experience:

Dine Around Town with Julia Child 

Julia Child inspired so many of our local Santa Barbara chefs and her passion for good food made with local ingredients will forever echo from their kitchens. Take a stroll through Santa Barbara’s culinary haunts and sample Julia-inspired specials carefully crafted in her honor, including our very own Oak-Fired Quail, Grilled Ratatouille and Polenta appetizer. Using Julia’s recipe for ratatouille, we have been inspired to oak-grill each vegetable to perfection separately before combining into this classic dish. This is one of our best vegetable dishes. We'll be serving it March 13 - 16, 2020.